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Recruiting advertising for Generation
Z, Y and Millennials on TikTok

In today’s digital age, TikTok has revolutionized how we connect, communicate, and conduct business. Both Human Resources (HR) and marketing teams have recognized the immense potential of social media platforms for attracting top talent and boosting employer brand visibility. By merging HR practices with marketing strategies, organizations can develop a highly practical recruiting approach that leverages TikTok’s extensive reach.

If you want to captivate the attention of Generation Z, Y, or Millennial demographics, TikTok is your platform of choice for recruitment and HR endeavors.

Who can I reach with TikTok HR marketing?

By now, TikTok has a widespread community. Its users are predominantly from the generation born between 1995 and 2010. They use TikTok for creative content, entertainment, social interaction, and trends.

Generation Z represents the most prominent target audience within the TikTok community: they are potential job seekers with a few years of professional experience. Graduates and trained specialists are equally present in terms of educational background.

The upcoming Generation Alpha, born after 2010, stands as the first true generation of digital natives. They are poised to become the most coveted demographic in the future job market—an emerging reality that HR marketers are gradually recognizing. Now is the opportune moment to strategically position your organization as an employer of choice and proactively convey opportunities for prospective internships, training programs, and educational opportunities.

More and more Millennials (born in the 1980s and early 1990s) are also joining the TikTok wave. These potential employees bring years of valuable professional experience to the table, constituting a target group of seasoned experts whose expertise can significantly enrich your workforce.

Current Status and Development of TikTok

The global surge in TikTok’s user base is mirrored proportionally in Germany. TikTok has emerged as the unrivalled frontrunner in the realm of social media, experiencing unparalleled growth.

As of now, Germany boasts an impressive 19.2 million TikTok users. Among them, 65% fall within the vibrant age bracket of 18 to 24, while an additional 30% belong to the dynamic 25 to 34 age group. Furthermore, a staggering 90% of TikTok’s user base engages with the app 10 times daily, collectively dedicating 50 minutes to this captivating platform. TikTok’s meteoric rise is reshaping the digital space, firmly establishing its dominance over well-established social media counterparts.

How does a successful HR marketing project work?

“We need an extraordinary campaign…” These words might echo through a potential briefing session. Often, campaigns are summoned to deliver immediate results with laser-like precision. Such endeavors primarily target short-term external impact but may lack a deeper resonance with the company’s overarching brand, its workforce, and its unique ethos.

Successful employer branding unfolds much earlier in the narrative and wields lasting potency. We’re talking about the cultivation of powerful employer brands infused with enduring values and meticulously crafted strategies spanning both the immediate and distant horizons. These are the tactics of brands that can assert their position in a fiercely competitive marketplace. The central theme of this conceptual phase revolves around the question: How can these values seamlessly transition to the TikTok platform, where new content must harmonize with evolving trends while staying steadfast to the core brand essence? This is where the TikTok Brand Transformation bridges both worlds, making your employer brand tangible.

TikTok Content Creation for HR Marketing

Creative minds on TikTok skillfully transmute their ideas into captivating video content. Whether crafting high-end productions or harnessing the potential of user-generated content (UGC) for a campaign, the art of grabbing user’s attention lies within the initial three seconds, packaging relevant information into entertaining content, and delivering the message concisely.


Trainee recruitment has taken a bolder stance than ever before. The challenge? How to address Generation Z! It all starts with the right tone—a tone set by the slogan, ‘You’ve Never Witnessed an Apprenticeship Like This.’ At the heart of this campaign are two compelling protagonists who breathe life into EDEKA.

Meet Mushroom Mike—an aficionado of all things born from the earth, with a special passion for fresh foods—he epitomizes the essence of perfect freshness. And then there’s Money Marc, an aspiring career Ken who loves money and wants to be a boss one day.

TikTok Creators and Brand Ambassadors

TikTok actively seeks individuals who can authentically embody a specific concept or brand. Ideally, someone within your organization who possesses both the interest and the knack for TikTok. Alternatively, we scout for the ideal creator to serve as a brand ambassador, potentially with collaboration from team members, contingent upon the subject matter. Cultivating a strong presence and recognition among followers is imperative for nurturing genuine personal engagement.

Targeted TikTok HR Advertisement Setups

TikTok offers a favorable campaign environment for professionals, allowing for precise targeting of potential employees or prospective talents, whether on a regional, global, or country-specific level. An intriguing fact: the cost of paid advertising on TikTok is only about one-third of the prices of ads seen on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. TikTok campaigns, strategically organized within a retargeting framework featuring a sequence of engaging content pieces, have the power to motivate and inspire users to take action and apply for job positions.

Summary of the TikTok possibilities for your HR marketing

TikTok presents an intriguing age demographic within its community that harmonizes with the profiles sought after in today’s job market. For effective communication with Generations Z and Y, TikTok stands as an indispensable platform. When it comes to advertising value, TikTok takes the lead, offering unmatched cost-effectiveness, especially in comparison to industry titans like Meta and LinkedIn.

Finally, as the job market continues to intensify, the quest for skilled professionals becomes ever more fierce. It begs the question: “What opportunities might I be missing out on if I don’t hop on the TikTok bandwagon?”


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